Introduction of Laozishan

“Seeing the scenery of lake and moon light, washing in the natural hot spring, tasting fishing food”, the strong temperament of returning to the nature will make tourists be intoxicated in the provincial Laozishan hot spring tourist resort. 

Laozishan hot spring tourist resort locates at the south side of Hongze Lake, which is one of the five freshwater lakes in China. It is surrounded by water on three sides and the area is 300 square kilometers, 90% is water area. The tourist resort has a vast territory and rich aquatic product…MORE


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    Story about Guishan

    Guishan locates 7 kilometers away from the south of Laozishan town, Hongze county. Because its shape looks like a tortoise, so it’s called Guishan, as well as Xiaguishan. It is said to the place to suppress the water monster Wuzhiqi. The legendary mountain is not big, but it has been a scenic spot for scholars, monks and priests since the Tang dynasty to Qing dynasty. The Poet Sushi once stayed here for a long time. It is said that there were many cities and temples on this small place. In the poem “Guishan” of Sushi, he described “the sound of wooden fish shocks people in the fore… MORE